Bouldinaire Labrador Retrievers
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       How we got our kennel name
Our Kennel name originated from Bouldin Island, a 6000 acre farm located between Rio Vista and Lodi California. My Father in Law, Clyde, was farm manager there for over 30 years. After the corn harvest, the fields were flooded and the fun would begin! We cherish the memories of hunting, training, and playing with our Labs. 
We would always say "We may not be millionaires, but we are Bouldinaires " for we  have known wealth in our experiences with our dogs, friends, and the most spectacular waterfowl and upland  bird hunting in the pacific flyway.  

Chapter 2
Retirement is wonderful !  I, from 25 years as a Vet Tech, and my Husband , 
with over 30 years  in fabrication. We are never bored. We love our farm, 
located just west of Port Angeles, Wa. It is surrounded by lush forest, The Olympic  snow capped mountains, and ocean. Our days are filled with our dogs, fishing, hunting, hiking,  gardening 
and riding.  The  Labs share our home; they are not kept in a kennel  enviroment.  
The farm is securely fenced with several large yards and covered porches. 
When we are outside they  have free roam with us. They are our family, and  we love having more time to spend with them.

Raising Puppies

We love raising puppies, but our litters are one , maybe two a year. The babies are whelped in the house , and loved and played with every day. By the time they go to their new homes, they are very well socialized, and have been exposed to all the noises and activities that go along  with country living, indoors and out !
I take great pride in having the ability to help choose the the right puppy for their new person/family.  I evaluate temperaments with much care, to be sure of the perfect match.  Hunting, Obedience, Active family, Fireside companion, Therapy/Service, Search & Rescue..........The puppies show me through their personality traits where they need to go.  
Only individuals who  will allow their friend  into their home and hearts will be considered. Fenced yards, ample time, and a commitment to proper nutrition and routine Veterinarian services is a must. I do not support juvenile spay and neutering. New owners must agree to allow their  puppy time to reach maturity/ growth plates closed, before neutering.  All my pups are sold on a limited  registration. It is important to me that new families be dedicated to  the training, exercising, and care of their new family member. 

                Chapter 1